“Ah, how did we Germans mock these strange Brexit men with their weird European populist leader Boris Johnson. European Union. Funny! Well, they’ll see what is left of them soon. Not Europe. Completely alone. We see it now. All of us – 83 million Germans and Europe as a whole – are in short supply of vaccines, lagging not only the US and Canada, but also the UK! Johnson was right all people: He ordered British vaccines on time, generously and enough. very much! Ted writes.

We’ve done it all wrong and are even facing a vaccine disaster Germany! An industrial force, a wise nation, kings of cleanliness and order. We’re screwed. We asked for too little, too late. We were so narrow, so lazy. as a result Poland And Hungary are already asking what the European Union is about “- continues a journalist in the German newspaper. As Tiede notes, in Germany, in a country of order, chaos broke out and vaccinations had to be canceled for elderly people and 70 percent of them were not vaccinated before the fall, which is the best scenario for any Case.

“It’s devastating from a human point of view.”

He believes that it is devastating from a human point of view – to people who urgently need the vaccine and who will die because not only do they get it on time, but also politically devastating. Recall that it was already in April of last year United States of America Launched bigger than ever a program Vaccine orders, and the United Kingdom started submitting applications shortly thereafter, negotiated hard but paid for the vaccines well.

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What has the European Union done? It has created the greatest in its history a program Destroy confidence. Moreover, the governments of Brussels and the European Union have managed to reaffirm old prejudices about a slow Europe. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, rejects every guilt and encourages herself, thus undermining confidence in her ability to lead the European Union. Ted wrote: “Music impresses populists and anti-democracy activists.” Von der Leyen launched a dispute with vaccine supplier AstraZeneca, which was supposed to sound bold but was just plain silly. You have put Europe at risk. “

The columnist recalls the previous unfortunate incidents of the President of the European Commission

He remembers that von der Leyen, who was already Germany’s Minister of Defense, suffered an unfortunate defeat in terms of orders for helicopters, planes, and weapons, so Angela Merkel It referred it again to the European Commission. He notes that member states have been dealing with politically outdated human resources for decades – by sending them to Brussels. “This is the story I got Johnson He told the British again and again. It is a European populist. Now agree with him, “the columnist confesses.” Even worse, von der Leyen either intentionally lied to 447 million Europeans or did not know what she was talking about. Both are unacceptable. “

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as shown, European Union Agreement With AstraZeneca, he reveals that the Commission negotiated poorly and did not secure any binding rights, that is, it did not do its job: it did not care about Europe, and the governments of the 27 member states did not intervene or intervene too late.

Contract with AstraZeneca And the vaccination disaster is the bankruptcy of Brussels, an indictment of the 27 member states. It’s an insult to us Europeans, especially committed Europeans like me. And the fact that we in Germany can only be vaccinated at the pace of the snail, in which we have lagged behind countries like Italy, Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates, is our humiliation. Especially when we look at an island that used to belong to the European Union. This is embarrassing because we are now idiots, “Ted concludes.