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All of Donald Trump’s money. Hitting the “Trump brand” wouldn’t be the worst [OKO NA ŚWIAT]

As reported in mid-JanuaryDonald Trump before the end of his presidency United States of America I managed to put Xiaomi on the “blacklist” of the Pentagon. The US Department of Defense has also called the world famous consumer electronics manufacturer “China Military Corporation”.

Xiaomi responds to the US on the “blacklist”

Xiaomi has already released a statement on January 15th in which it vehemently denied any contact of the company with the Chinese military. It added that it was “not a communist Chinese military company” and declared that it “abides by the law and complies with relevant jurisdiction rules” in the United States.

Xiaomi has now decided to fight for its interests in the US. The Chinese company also announced In a new connectionXiaomi has filed an application with the District Court of Columbia against the actions of the US Department of Defense and the US Treasury.

Xiaomi announced that its recognition by US administrations as a “Chinese Communist Military Corporation” was wrong and illegal. She added that the company’s attorneys did not have a chance to defend themselves against the Pentagon’s decision.

a company [Xiaomi – red.] The decision by the US Department of Defense and the US Treasury to designate the company as a “Chinese Communist Military Corporation” as defined by the NDAA was believed to be factually incorrect and deprived the company of the right path. In order to protect the interests of users, partners, employees, and global shareholders of the company, the company asked the courts to declare this decision illegal and cancel it.

– We read in Xiaomi’s message.

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What does Xiaomi’s “blacklist” mean?

The appearance of the US Pentagon in the “blacklist” means a problem for Xiaomi, albeit not as much as it was in the case of Huawei. The second project was placed on the US Department of Commerce list, which means that it cannot use American technologies and cooperate with American companies without the consent of the authorities of this country.

By introducing Xiaomi’s “blacklist”, the US Department of Defense prevented US shareholders and investors from cooperating with the Chinese company. This means that US entities will not be able to invest in Xiaomi from March 15, 2021. The current shareholders of the company will have to close their relations with Xiaomi by November 11, 2021.

Xiaomi wants to avoid this embarrassing situation for itself. It could be suspected that the company’s potential removal from the Pentagon’s “blacklist” would also make it difficult to include Xiaomi in other “blacklists” of US authorities. Being in a situation similar to Huawei’s for Xiaomi can be very painful.

Xiaomi’s chairman, Lei Jun, advised potential shareholders and investors to be careful when trading the company’s stock. He added that he would be informed of “any other important events related to the procedures.”