Taunusstein – Something must have gone completely wrong with these people: strangers threw eggs at fire trucks in Hesse during the Alert Campaign in a firefighting operation.

Around 7:30 p.m., the fire alarm was sounded in the Sitzenhahn district of Taunusstein. A car in a garage caught fire. Volunteer fire brigades from several parts of the city went to the scene with blue lights and special signals.

On the way there, at least two cars were hit – about two kilometers before the finish line they were thrown with eggs. Moments of shock can end severely in the stress of an emergency trip and in wintry road conditions. But the drivers held their nerve.

The rescuers were stunned, and Deputy Fire Chief Jens Haas fumed: “Volunteers are ready for our safety at their leisure. We strongly condemn the fact that they are being attacked in any way and we will do everything in our power to find those responsible.”

The fire chief asks for information on the perpetrators

Fortunately, the attack of the whites was not long in coming. Firefighters managed to prevent the flames from spreading from the garage to the next house. They pulled the burning station wagon out of the building, and one person experienced mild smoke inhalation but did not have to go to hospital. After 90 minutes the message came: “Shoot!”

The fancy phrase is on fire Firefighter stays cool

︎ Fire Chief Michael Ehrlichsmann: “While there were no delays or damage to vehicles, this kind of disrespect is new in this format and cannot be tolerated.”

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Witnesses who can provide information about the white supremacist are required to contact the nearest police station.