After very cold temperatures at the weekend, there could be black ice in large parts of Bavaria on Monday morning. The German Weather Service (DWD) is warning of ice hazards from freezing rain (storm warning level 3) for provinces including and north of the Nuremberg region. Not only the Franconian regions were affected, but also regions in the Upper Palatinate, such as Neustadt an der Waldnap and Tierschenroth.

DWD: Avoid trips if possible

DWD advises against staying outdoors and driving in these areas. You must be prepared for restrictions on all traffic routes, including closures and closures. It is necessary to adapt the way of driving. In addition, you should fill up your tank if possible and take blankets and warm drinks with you.

According to previous information, the accidents did not accumulate in Bavaria, according to inquiries from the German News Agency (DPA) to the police headquarters. When asked by the BR, the Lower Franconian police said the situation was still “manageable” (as of 7.45am). There are isolated incidents due to black ice, for example a car skidded on a truck near Aschaffenburg and property damage occurred.

Wind gusts on the edge of the Alps, frosts in eastern Bavaria and Swabia

In addition, there is a warning for winds on the edge of the Alps, above 1500 meters that can reach speeds of up to 80 km / h, and also, as in Swabia and eastern Bavaria, for frost and light ice (level 2 warning). According to DWD, delays and traffic restrictions should also be expected here.

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For Munich and surrounding areas, as well as Unterallgäu, Landsberg am Lech, Altötting and Rottal-Inn, there is currently a “low” frost and ice warning (warning level 1).