Status: 12/17/2022 3:16 PM

About three years after the Green Vault robbery in Dresden, investigators found a large portion of the stolen goods. At that time precious 18th century jewelry was stolen.

Investigators have secured a large portion of the stolen goods that were stolen three years earlier when the Green Vault in Dresden was broken into. The police and the public prosecutor announced that 31 individual objects were recovered in Berlin overnight.

Among them are several pieces that seem complete, such as the hat ornament (heron’s tail) and the chest star of the Polish Order of the White Eagle of the diamond set. Among others, the white Saxon epaulettes damaged during the theft and the arch of the large breast of Queen Amalie Auguste were missing.

It added that the insured parts were brought to Dresden escorted by the special police forces. In the capital of Saxony, they must first be forensically examined. Then, experts from the Dresden State Art Collections must verify its correctness and completeness.

As investigators said, the discovery of the valuables preceded exploratory talks with the alleged thieves’ lawyers. Six suspects on charges of aggravated gang robbery, arson and private arson have been on trial in Dresden since the beginning of the year.

Kretschmer thanked the investigators

“The police and judiciary have done a first-rate job,” Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer wrote on Twitter. “Saxony says: Thank you! Valuable works of art from the Green Vault are part of our nation’s cultural heritage.”

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The Dresden Residenzschloss was broken into on 25 November 2019. The perpetrators punched holes in a display case with an ax and removed jewels. In total, the pieces of jewelry containing thousands of diamonds and finesse with an insured value of more than 113 million euros disappeared.