The fire brigade and the police have been carrying out large-scale operations in Berlin-Mitte since early Friday morning. A large aquarium exploded, and the water spilled onto the street. A fire department spokesman said the situation was not clear.

The large aquarium “Aqua Dome” in Berlin Mitte exploded on Friday morning.

As a spokesperson for the fire department told RBB at the scene, the water gushed out of the building and carried items such as furniture with it to Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse. About 100 firefighters are in the immediate vicinity of Berlin Cathedral in a large-scale operation. There are also many police forces. The area is submerged in water and surrounded by a wide area. Traffic jams. Police calls for a massive overrun of the area.

The completely destroyed one-million-liter aquarium is located in the City-Quartier DomAquarée. There is also a hotel on the premises. A fire department spokesman said the people who were housed there will now be moved outside. You will be taken care of on BVG buses.

She said they are now talking to the operator about whether the aquarium explosion will affect the building’s stats.

There must be injuries too. A fire department spokesman said the situation was not clear. Police calls for a massive overrun of the area. It should also be checked whether the underground car park is affected.

According to the Traffic Information Center, Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse between Spandauer Strasse and Schloßbrücke is closed due to a lack of washing. There is “a lot of water” on the way.

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The tub exploded for an unknown reason at first.

The complex of buildings called “Dom-Aquarée” includes the large aquarium “Sea Life” and the so-called “Aqua-Dom”. As stated on the “Dom-Aquarée” website, “Aqua-Dom” is “the world’s largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium” and has been extensively updated by summer 2020. Accordingly, about 1,500 fish live in the 14-foot-high tank. metres.

Broadcast: 88.8, 16.12.2022, 8 a.m