BNS / Jurgita Andriejauskaitė

“It is a pity that Belarus’s actions in this regard are not based on economic but political arguments,” BNS Marios Skodis said.

He admits that such a move by Minsk will have an impact on the activities of the Klaipeda sea port and the Lithuanian railways.

Our main goal is to diversify the flow of goods as well as reduce the risks of relying on one-way solutions. Therefore, the list of countries that transport goods via the Lithuanian railways through the port of Klaipeda is expanding, and new agents are being searched for, ”Skuodis said.

The transport ministers of Russia and Belarus signed an agreement Friday to transport 9.8 million tons of petroleum products through Russian ports within three years. At least two million tons are expected to be shipped from March to the end of the year.

Klaipedos Nafta, the company that until this year has handled products of the Belaruskaja neftianaja kampanija (BNK), has announced that it does not expect to receive the BNK shipment this year.

“This year, there will be no shipment from Belarus to the ports of Klaipeda – the company follows these assumptions,” the statement reads.

In December, BNK in the UK announced that transit via Klaipeda had been suspended for an indefinite period. Klaipidus Nafta had earlier predicted that the current year would be tight for the company.