However, in a press conference summarizing COP26, Boris Johnson admitted it His ‘happiness’ with the progress was ‘disappointed’ As a result of changes in the provisions of the Final Declaration, which weakened commitments to forgo coal. As a result of pressure from China and India, instead of “phasing out” the use of coal as suggested in the first version, he is talking about a “gradual reduction” of its use.

Countries demanded a high level of ambition at this summit, and while many of us wanted to achieve it, this did not apply to everyone. Unfortunately, this is the nature of diplomacy. We can pressure, we can persuade, we can encourage, but we can’t force sovereign nations to do what they don’t want to doStressing that countries hardest hit by climate change, such as islands in the Pacific Ocean, have a particularly high level of ambition for the deal, Johnson explained, Johnson added:

Despite all our misconceptions, the world is undoubtedly heading in the right direction. Even the most pessimistic commentators will say that 1.5°C – the goal of limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C – is still alive.

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Dilute carbon log. What is included in the COP26 climate agreement?

As he said, in his opinion, the dilute record has the carbon theme “doesn’t make much difference” because the trend is “basically the same”. He stressed that this was the first climate agreement to announce the intent to reduce the use of coal, the fuel that most contributes to the production of greenhouse gases, and reminded that most countries of Western Europe and North America have agreed to withdraw financial support. Foreign investment in fossil fuels during the year.

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And when we add it all together, there is no doubt that Glasgow marks the last hour of coal power


However, he said that The most important thing now is to fulfill the promises made, Because “it would be a terrible mistake to think that we have solved this in any way (the problem of global warming – ed.)” – emphasized the British Prime Minister.