You give away unnecessary things, the store sells them to other customers, earns money for charity – that’s the idea of ​​a charity shop in a nutshell. Such facilities have existed in Poland for a long time, but now for the first time such a store has been opened in a shopping center, which may strengthen the idea.

Clothes, shoes, books, albums, CDs of music and movies, jewelry, decorations, small household appliances, sports equipment and even furniture All of this can be found in the Sue Rider Charity Store. The facility opened on August 19 in the Westfield Arkadia Shopping Center in Warsaw. This is the seventh Sue Ryder store in Poland, but the first is located in a shopping center. The rest are located on the streets – five in Warsaw and one in Szczecin.

– Our institution lives on the work. It was clear to us that in order to further develop the concept of stores and provide the enterprise with stable financing, we needed to open an outlet in a shopping center, but we did not expect this to happen so quickly. to me Westfield Arcadia He asked us to cooperate with us, which happened last summer – says Business Insider Polska Agnieszka Brzóska, Director of the Sue Rider Foundation.