You, within two weeks we will slowly begin to return to normal life, is it definitely early? To remember

We are not an island, we are part of the entire continent and we are all around us

The neighbors face a very serious problem so far. Of course, we have problems with an epidemic in Poland, but that is

These problems are much smaller than the problems of our neighbors. Our citizens

They go all over the world to Great Britain where there is a very big problem so no

You can say we’re fine and open everything, because in a week it’s going to be a lot worse. We have to go there

Take care of what is happening around you. But I hope within 2-3 weeks already

These restrictions will be slightly less than starting the vaccine. Also

We have the people who went through the epidemic and recovered what

Hope they don’t catch that quickly. So they will all do their job in only 2-3

Months, we can already begin to believe that we’re slowly getting back to normal. behind

In two to three months, that is, in two to three weeks, some restrictions may disappear, and in two to three months we can only think about normal things. this is

Distant perspective.

Think about it, and I hope we can think about it and dream about it now, but L.

We’ll be back already. In fact, some restrictions will remain for a long time, however

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There are already 80-20, I already think 80% of these restrictions are on

At the turn of the first and second quarters, they will already begin to disappear.