A Berlin couple saw through a semi-detached house with Flex in the middle – much to the dismay of the neighbour. Now the matter goes to court.

In the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district of Berlin, a perfectly intact single-family house sits next to a semi-detached house that was apparently rudely detached. The reason: the occupant of the no longer existing half shared the semi-detached house in 2017 with Flex – and built a new house in the same space. The case is now before the court. The newspaper “Berliner Zeitung” and the RTL television station reported this in unison.

No one has discussed the procedure with her, said Helga Ahrens, a resident of the remaining half of the Berliner Zeitung. Now the building stands bare on the weather side. Insulation costs: probably around 20,000 euros. “You’re afraid of the next gas bill,” Ahrens said.

Note in the mailbox

Indeed, according to the agreement, the new neighbors wanted to demolish half of the house and slightly rebuild it, but they did not receive a building permit for this – but they did it for a detached two-storey house of 197 square meters.

The builders may have kept this information to themselves, reports the Berliner Zeitung. Until September 2017, there was a note in the mailbox: the couple wrote to neighbors that they were on vacation. You mentioned it RTL.

The area resists

Meanwhile, the 73-year-old sued the Marzan neighborhood, successfully: The construction project violated the consideration rule, the administrative court wrote. The region did not accept the verdict. Now the matter is being brought to the Supreme Administrative Court.