Natalia Dawidovskaya was a participant in the second edition of “Big Brother”. A woman recently told her fans that she had breast cancer. Due to the epidemic and the weakness of the organism, Natalia is unable to return to work and her financial situation becomes more difficult.

Natalia Dawidowska participated in the second edition of the reality show “Big Brother”, which was revitalized after many years, and which was held in 2019. After completing her adventure with the program, the woman disappeared from the media and left for Great Britain, where she worked and supported herself. However, Natalia was still active on Instagram, as she kept in touch with her fans.

In October, Natalia Dawidovskaya reported on social media that she was suffering from breast cancer. Since then, he regularly informs fans of his health.

Recently, a photo appeared on Natalia’s Instagram, in which she admits to the need to make a decision about chemotherapy. The treatment significantly weakened her, and this, combined with the epidemic and the ongoing lockdown in Great Britain, caused financial problems for the “Big Brother” participant.

“The first night after chemotherapy was really difficult, the body tried to defend itself and get rid of what it just got. Without going into details, it was terrible and I lost my strength” – she admitted.

Natalia Dawidovskaya proved to be a kind of fighter and courageously confronts her illness. Unfortunately, the costs of treatment and transportation to the hospital cast a shadow over them. The woman decided to seek financial help from her fans as she lacked money to cover most of the necessary expenses. She appealed to her followers on Instagram.

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“Maintenance, transportation to the hospital and other necessary expenses have overwhelmed me. If there is someone here who has the ability and desire for financial assistance, I would be very grateful,” she wrote.

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Konrad Lubaszewski