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Your personal data manager will be Bonnier Business (Polska) Sp. z oo (hereinafter: we). Address: ul. Kijowska 1, 03-738 Warsaw. Our contact phone number is: +48 22 333 99 99. Our email address is: [email protected]. In our company, we have a designated data protection officer, and correspondence address: ul. Ludwica Narbota 22 Luke. 23, 02-541 Warsaw, email: [email protected]. We will process your personal data to send you our newsletters. The legal basis for the processing will be your consent and our “legitimate interest”, which we have to offer you, as our client, our other offers. If it is necessary for us to be able to perform our services, your personal data may be transferred to the following groups of people: 1) our employees or partners on the basis of a separate mandate, 2) entities that we will commission data processing activities, 3) other recipients, for example Couriers, companies from our capitalist group, tax offices. Your personal data will be processed until consent is withdrawn. You have the right to: 1) request access to the content of personal data, 2) correct it, 3) delete it, 4) limit processing, 5) transfer data, 6) object to processing and 7) withdraw consent (in case of prior expression) in any Time, as well as 8) Submit a complaint to the Supervisory Authority (Head of the Personal Data Protection Office). Provision of personal data Terms of subscription to the newsletter. It is voluntary, but failure to provide it will rule out the possibility of providing the service. Your personal data may be processed automatically, including in the form of profiling. Automated decision making will be carried out using appropriate statistical procedures. The purpose of this processing is only to improve the presentation of our products or services directed to you.

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