Also on Friday, the United Kingdom, as well as Cyprus, Turkey, Georgia, Uganda, Burma, Fiji, Panama, Cambodia, Kenya and Liberia will be subject to a strict travel warning, which will affect the United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Tunisia.

The list of tourist countries currently includes Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia and South Africa. Israelis are not allowed to visit these countries unless they obtain permission from a special government commission. In addition, all people entering Israel from these countries must be isolated, even if they have been vaccinated or cured. The new countries will not be officially added to the list until next week after they are approved by the entire government.

Even travelers from countries with strict travel warnings should be quarantined regardless of their vaccination status.

While the increase in daytime cases continues, the increase in serious morbidity remains limited.

And 52 of the injured were in serious condition, less than the day before. A week ago, there were 41 cases, in April, with nearly 5,900 active cases, a similar number is now more than 340 seriously ill patients.

A possible explanation is that of the current carriers of the virus, there are about 2,000 school-age children, half of whom are fully immune. Severe forms of the disease, even if they occur intermittently, are highly unlikely for any group of people to develop – currently about 60% of patients have severe cases. vaccination.

The ministerial meeting concluded on Friday evening with a decision to conduct rapid tests next week and prepare for the implementation of the “Lucky Badge” program on Wednesday.

The ministers also decided to re-evaluate the situation at Ben Gurion Airport, start planning for the 2021-2022 school year and ensure that all staff working in hospitals are replenished to provide support during the coronavirus crisis by approving the state budget to keep them occupied.

“We are meeting to pre-plan the recommended actions for the next week,” Bennett said during the meeting. “Our goal is to adapt daily life to the coronavirus.”

According to the prime minister, although some of the regulations regarding the coronavirus “are not suitable for anyone”, they are working. He also said, “We want to flood the country with credible self-tests” and eventually create an “official self-test project”.

Bennett met with the venue’s owners Thursday in the run-up to the upcoming wedding season, which officials fear will lead to an even greater spike in cases. Announce it later “Lucky Badge”, A project to organize mass gatherings to slow down the number of injuries.

From Wednesday, access to weddings and similar events with more than 100 guests will be limited to people who have recently been vaccinated, cured or tested for the coronavirus, said Bennett, Economy Minister Orna Barbivai and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz. joint statement.

The new system will only apply to meetings in rooms where food and drink are served and people are sitting and standing. There will be no maximum number of participants and people will have to wear masks.

“The government will continue to monitor all events, and will meet regularly to discuss them and plan in advance for next steps so that the public understands where they are heading and what they are doing,” Bennett said.

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