Beginning in November, travelers who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to come to the United States. You will also have to submit a negative coronavirus test and wear masks.

We will not go to the USA without vaccination

The vaccination certificate must be shown before boarding, and a negative test result must be taken up to three days before departure.

On the other hand, Americans returning to the country will have to undergo a coronavirus test one day before travel, and then another day – after they arrive in the United States.

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People who have been fully vaccinated will not need to be quarantined. Airlines will be directed to collect information on foreign travelers. This is the ultimate facilitation contact tracing.


The restrictions were imposed by the Donald Trump administration. They were hardened by President Joe Biden. Applicable for entry into the United States for travelers from Great Britain, European Union countries, China, India and other countries.

The borders with Canada and Mexico remain closed

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has extended the closure of its land borders with Canada and Mexico until October 21.