if you love me innocent, Mario Casas will be on Netflix, forever It should be on the list of future shows from now on, and like the previous title, this one is also based on a novel he wrote Harlan Cobain.

The streaming platform has been adapting the work of the writer of this mystery novel for several years, and now it’s my turn forever, one of More intense novels from America Because we won’t be able to trust anything or anyone, because all the characters have secrets.

Summary forever and ever

Zipper He is the hero of this tragic story. Ten years before losing it the first love after existence killing like him Big brother Unique accused of a crime. Now, after the revelation his girlfriend Judeto, to… Disappears without leaving any trace.

Guillaume will have to investigate the matter and Shed light on hidden secrets Between all loved ones and discover that even his loved ones cannot be trusted.

Harlan Coben dla Netflix

this time France is responsible for adapting to NetflixAfter the Spanish production wild niewinny, select it from inside the forest, United kingdom Don’t talk to strangersAll of Coben’s work has made up the Netflix series.

As usual The screenwriter is also the producer of the series, Therefore, fans who have read this book can rest assured that it will remain true to Cobain’s spirit, but of course with some changes and new features that will surprise everyone.

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Release date and trailer for ages and ages

New Netflix series He will hit the stage on August 13 We can already see our first peek at what lies ahead for us next month: love, mystery, disappointment and more to discover.