Andrzej Kubiciak, Deputy Director of the Polish Economic Institute, said that “the number of Polish immigrants decreased by 176 thousand in 2020. This is the largest annual decrease since joining the European Union. It is an effect similar to the returns observed after the 2008-2009 crisis.” us on Twitter.

Data provided by Kubisiak show that the volume of migration has systematically decreased since 2017. Currently, 2.24 million of our citizens live and work outside Poland.

Poles immigration into the European Union

Poles started looking for happiness abroad after we joined the European Union. In 2004, the number of immigrants was barely a million, and after three years it increased to 2.27 million. However, the financial crisis at the time slowed further immigration.

The number of Poles living and working outside their homeland began to increase from 2011 to a peak six years later – 2.540 million.

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Kubisiak reported that the decrease in the number of immigrants was mainly a matter of the result recorded by the survey in the UK. According to GUS calculations, the number of Poles employed in the UK decreased by 164,000. “In other European countries the changes were minimal” – says the report of the Central Statistical Office. It could have affected the situation Britain’s exit from the European Union, but also COVID-19, which has hit the island and the economy hard.

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However, there are regions in Europe that are becoming more attractive to Poles looking for work. This includes Norway and the Netherlands. Our compatriots came there last year.


“Among the people reported traveling abroad in municipal census units, the most numerous group in 2020 was the 30- to 39-year-old. However, 10 years ago, these people were between the ages of 20 and 29 years. So it can be assumed that a large number of people who left the country in the first years after Poland’s accession to the European Union have remained abroad until now, ”says the Central Statistical Office.