Tesla has given a partial response to a road safety investigation and the Tesla Autopilot Advanced Driver Assistance System, the US Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA) said Monday. One person was killed in 12 accidents involving Tesla cars that operate on autopilot.

Tesla autopilot allows you to keep the car in the correct lane and at a safe distance from other cars. The system can also change lanes, acceleration and brakes independently. And the American company has repeatedly said that the solution is only to help the driver, who should be careful and ready to intervene if necessary.

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As the Associated Press reports, in 12 accidents with Tesla cars equipped with the autopilot system, one person was killed and at least 17 were injured.

Tesla document under review

The US Traffic Agency released a statement saying it had received a response from the manufacturer on Friday. He added that the Tesla document is “currently under review.” Tesla requested that the information transmitted be kept confidential.

On August 31, an 11-page letter was sent to Tesla with questions about the investigation. NHTSA confirmed that if there were insufficient responses to the vehicle’s concerns, the agency could impose a fine of more than $114 million on the company. The deadline for response was October 22


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