Accompanied by loud protests, Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD) faced a meeting in the city of Neuruppen (Ostbergnitz-Ruben) on Wednesday evening. A conversation with Bundestag Member Wibeck Papenbrück (Social Democratic Party) was announced. The AfD and the left called for counter-demonstrations.

“People’s traitors” and “Go away,” chanted the demonstrators. In some places, Scholz is hard to understand.

It is estimated that several hundred people attended the event in the city’s schoolyard. At first the police did not provide any information on the number of participants.

In Neuruppin, Schulz reiterated his promise of greater comfort to help citizens against inflation and rising energy prices. The SPD politician said previous decisions of the Traffic Light Coalition brought citizens 30 billion euros, not all of it. But one thing is clear: “More has to happen.” The government will decide this “in the next few days”.

When asked about this, Schultz also promised a “steady level of pension”. It’s about long-term security, “so you can count on the fact that that’s a perspective,” even for 17-year-olds today.

When asked by a sixth-grade student, Schulz agreed that despite the gas shortage, school operations would be secured in the winter, including activities in gyms. “I am confident we can do this.” The chancellor defended the additional gas surcharges that will apply from October.

Broadcast: rbb24 Inforadio, August 17, 2022, 6pm

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