Staff at the infamous pumpkin patch were threatened, spit in the face and insulted after being forced to lock down for safety reasons this weekend.

Pumpkin Alley, based in Ormskirk, is hugely popular this time of year and offers visitors the chance to pick their own pumpkins in the run-up to Halloween.

However, its owners decided yesterday to close the site after claiming that people “ignore” the parking rules and stop dangerously “exposing themselves and their children to danger.”

Although they tried to keep everyone safe, the owners took to Facebook to express their grief after employees received the abuse once the decision was made.

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Her Facebook posts said, “Today was tough. We feel sad about the abuse our employees faced today. We were spat on, verbally abused, and dealt with.”

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“We closed the spot today because people were ignoring our attendees’ instructions and were dangerously parking their cars along a crooked main road.

“Not only endangering themselves and their children, but other road users. The second patch has also encountered similar problems. We understand that children are disappointed when they cannot pick pumpkins, and our goal is not to disappoint the children.”

“However, we aim to keep your kids safe, and if that means closing our patch and losing money, that’s what it must happen. Security is before profits, always. We know some people are still pulling out and trying to come, but they shut down the signs went up and people were told.”

“Don’t worry about what other people are doing, if you did the right thing and left at your question, we would appreciate it very much. Please don’t comment that you are unhappy about your rejection, just try and understand why we’re doing it.”

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The pumpkin patch reopened this morning, although earlier today the owners updated their Facebook page again to inform them that they were already at its capacity and warned people not to visit at a later time or another day.

By sharing a picture of his parking lot, which was almost taped with water due to the weather, the staff explained that the parking lot is only available at the flower shop.

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The pumpkin patch will remain open until Halloween from 10 am-5pm.