Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC sends you on an expedition around the Honorary Arctic to investigate a number of Pokemon myths, including one revolving around legendary giants Registered, RegerokAnd and Regis. You’ll need to capture all three before you can take on the two new Regis in DLC. Regieleki And the Regidrago, But they’re all enclosed in the shrines dotting the crown of the tundra. Here’s what you need to do to enter the ruins and capture the regis.

How to get to Registeel

You will likely encounter the first effects of Registeel Homes. Steel type Shrine is located on Giant’s Bed just outside Freezington, which makes it hard to miss.

Before you can enter the shrine, you will need to open the door by breaking the following riddle: “Let’s tap the piercing tone that will awaken the giant of steel.” Although this tip is completely vague, all you have to do to open the door is whistle by pressing the left stick inward. Note that you cannot ride your bike when you are trying to open the door, as pressing the stick in this case will make you ring its bell instead of a whistle, and that won’t work.

Once inside the rubble, you’ll need to wake Registeel by clicking on each point decorating the floor. Once all points are lit, interact with the statue at the far end of the room and a fight with Registeel will begin. Don’t worry if you accidentally fire your Registeel before picking it up; You can simply highlight the points again to start another battle.

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How to get to Regirock

Deeper in the Giant’s Bed is another spot, this one featuring Legendary Regirock. As before, you will need to solve a puzzle before you can reach the ruins: “Let the first Pokemon hold a stone that never changes.” Simply equip the first Pokemon in your group with Everstone and interact with the door to open it. After entering the ruins, you will once again need to illuminate all points on Earth to wake up and fight the legendary Pokemon.

How to get to Regice

The Regice Shrine is located deep in the Snowslide Cliff, and to break the seal on its door, you’ll need to “walk with a live snow crystal.” To do this, set Cryogonal as the first Pokemon in your group so that they will follow you on the field. If you don’t already have a Cryogonal in your group, you can find one easily enough in any snowy areas around Crown Tundra.

How to get to Regieleki and Regidrago

Ruins of Decision Division, where Regieleki or Regidrago awaken

Once you have Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, you can reach the fourth and final shrine, which is located at the eastern corner of Crown Tundra on Three-Point Pass. Have all three of the Regis in your group when you interact with the door and you’ll be able to reach the ruins.

Once inside, you will notice that this shrine is slightly different from the previous shrine. For example, you can only choose one of the new Regis to capture, so you’ll need to think carefully before waking the Giant because your choice is permanent. Once you decide whether to Regieleki or Regidrago, light up points on the floor according to the pattern on their face and interact with the statue at the end of the room to wake it up.

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There are many other legendary Pokemon lurking around Crown Tundra, including the royal mascot Calyrex in DLC, which you’ll need He was not reunited with his faithful mare As part of your expedition. Peony will also send you on assignment to investigate Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. You can learn more about other new expansion features and Pokemon in our about All we know about the crown of the tundra. If you just purchased a Sword or Shield Expansion Pass, here is it How to get to Crown Tundra And access to new content.

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