Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been criticized for trying to have both ways and to “use their titles” to win millions.

Known for their estrangement from everyday royal life, the couple made a home in California, returning any taxpayers’ money they owed and no longer accepting money from the royal estate.

Despite claiming to flee the UK to avoid interest, Harry and Meghan signed up to star and star in Netflix in a five-year deal worth around £ 112 million.

But despite trying to distance themselves from life in the UK, Harry and Meghan retained the royal titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – something that many have criticized as a satirical ploy to “use” their status and keep the huge money offerings going.

“They are trying to exploit their status and titles for personal gain as far as I can see,” said John Smith of Republic group lobbying against the monarchy.

“The fact that they got this deal, I can’t imagine why Netflix thinks it’s a good idea, but it’s good for them if that’s what they do … We still want to make money off their stature and titles as Duke and Duchess.”

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