At the moment, Portugal holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the term of Czech membership will not come until the second half of 2022. However, politicians are already talking about the main goals.

Foreign Minister Jakob Kolhanek said in an interview with CTK that one of the most important issues will be the progress of its expansion into the Western Balkans.

He added that he would consider the announcement of Serbia and Montenegro’s accession to the European Union during the presidency of the Czech Republic a success.

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He also said that the Czech Republic could organize a summit meeting between the European Union and the Western Balkan countries.

Another priority of the presidency for the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry is improving relations between the European Union and the United States.

The Minister would like to hold a European-American summit in Prague. – Frankly, it is an ambitious initiative, but on the other hand, why not try? – he asked in an interview with reporters.

Similar summits are usually held in Brussels, which is why Jakob Kolhanek believes that it would be good to bring Europe closer to the Czech Republic through such a meeting. “I think it would also be a nice gesture to show that the European Union is not just Brussels,” the minister added.