(Sponsored text) Brexit has changed a lot in the procedures for sending packages to the UK. Although it can still be sent over the Internet, the sender must take into account longer service times and more formalities. This is due to the obligation to go through customs and complete the associated customs declaration. Providing false data in it has consequences. Who carries them and in what form?

Customs clearance is the main change in sending a shipment to England
The withdrawal of Great Britain from the ranks of the European Union also changed the regulations on the exchange of goods. The country no longer has to comply with EU rules. It has its own policy aimed at protecting the British economy, not society. One of its points is the introduction of a customs clearance obligation, which leads to the payment of taxes and customs duties to the UK Treasury. Control requires the sender to pre-complet a customs declaration.

Completing a customs declaration is an integral part of sending a package to England. It is also performed, similar to all similar forms, where the filler, after entering the necessary data, confirms its compliance with the facts. Since the information provided is dependent on possible customs duties and VAT, it is in the best interest of the sender to enter false and incorrect values. However, this temptation can have dire consequences.

How do you send a cheap parcel to England?
UK courier is a simple way to deliver needed personal items or gifts to your loved ones, You can send parcels to England via Euro-Pack. Although the offers of shipping companies include services from PLN 100 onwards, in fact it is still much less expensive than a personal visit to this country to deliver items. Sending a parcel to England is simple and does not require a visit to any fixed point. To order the service, just follow a few simple steps:

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  • Enter information about the dimensions and weight of the package in the form and select the destination from the list,
  • Rate the service, then select one of the suggested offers,
  • Order a courier and complete the customs declaration form on the website,
  • Pay the service fee
  • Wait for the courier.

The responsibility to complete the customs declaration is the responsibility of the sender, but many courier companies facilitate this process for customers by entering some data such as special product codes. However, it is the duty of the sender to list the items in the package and specify their estimated value.

Postal shipping to England and customs declaration errors
Customs declaration containing incorrect data is the basis for financial and criminal consequences. Although all formalities are completed by the courier company, the sender is responsible for providing real data. Therefore, even if the carrier has received a penalty notice, it will certainly require the customer to pay the amount due.

It should be noted that the sender who completes the declaration certifies the accuracy of the data with his/her own signature. Therefore, according to the criminal law, you may be liable for providing false information. For minor deficiencies, the fine is usually not very high. Serious violations may result in the parcel being confiscated and discarded. It is worth remembering when putting, for example, an apple in the package, or evaluating new clothes approximately at the prices in force in second-hand stores. Both cases do not comply with the regulations – in the first case, food is prohibited in the package, in the second – there is a deliberate reduction in the value of the shipment.

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