After 13 consecutive days in the Eurogroup, fans can finally take some time to catch their breath. More than 3,240 minutes of football have been played in the group stage, and now it’s time for the 1/8 finals. Before we move on, it’s worth taking a look at the worst group stage emerging teams that have disappointed us.

Euro teams that failed in the group stage دور

5. Scotland

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The Euro 2020 campaign in Scotland was a disappointment, but no surprise. Scotland went through a difficult period after drawing in the group with runners-up England and Croatia. Covid-19 problems with Billy Gilmore in the middle of the group stage didn’t help either.

The Scots have always had a slim chance of reaching the first knockout round, but having just one goal in three matches certainly won’t make it. It didn’t help that Scotland conceded two of the best goals in the tournament.

At least Scotland can say they kept England 0-0 in what may be the most boring match of the group stage. Hopefully we don’t have to wait 23 years to see Scotland in the next big tournament.

4. Anglia

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what or what?? England?? But have you outdone your group? Who claims this stupid writer?

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Hear me, I promise. England were strong in defense and for the first time since 1966 they had not conceded a goal in the group stage of a major tournament. This performance from England worries me about the Three Lions.

I gave Scotland a knockout because I only scored one goal in the group stage, but England only scored two. England scored the fewest goals of any team that reached the finals 1/8. In fact, only three teams – Turkey, Finland and Scotland – scored fewer goals than the Three Lions. Watching this team attempt a paint drying attack.

Given the ridiculous amount of talent available to Gareth Southgate, the following results are not impressive:

England 1-0 Croatia

England 0-0 Scotland

England 1-0 Czech Republic

Much was expected of this English team. Fortunately for England, another opponent in the knockout round is also on this list.

3. Germany

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Just because Germany finished second in Group F doesn’t mean they are not out of control. Without Leon Goretzka’s late game exploits, Germany would be number one on this list.

Honestly, I don’t know what to think about this German team. They played consistently in the opening match against France, and made Portugal unhappy at home against Hungary. Every match is a question of which German team will play.

This list is a shadow of the 2014 World Cup winning team and close to the disappointments of the 2018 World Cup.

2. Turkey

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Turkey wins the cup for the worst black horse in the history of the black horse. I will not forget how many people were excited about the idea of ​​Turkey having a deep run in the Euro 2020 Championships. The Turks also had an advantage practically at home as they played Baku in Azerbaijan.

I can’t describe where it all went wrong in Turkey. And after Merih Demiral conceded an own goal in the opening match against Italy, the wheels fell off the Turkish car. With eight goals conceded and only one goal scored, Turkey was statistically the worst team in the tournament.

The alleged black horse was actually a donkey.

1. Poland

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Is it too late for Robert Lewandowski to change nationality? You have to sympathize with the Bayern Munich star. He did his best to bring Poland to the knockout stage, but one man doesn’t make the whole team and is let down by Lewandowski’s teammates.

The shock opening defeat to Slovakia set the tone for Poland. Spain’s inability to score from a penalty kick, as well as a slight error from Alvaro Murat, saved Poland from two losses.

If you tell me Poland will get the only point in the group from Spain, I’ll take you crazy. Polish fans are not worried, just wait a little over a year for the 2022 World Cup, when your team will finish bottom of the group for the third time in a row.