There haven’t been such crowds in American cinemas over any other movie this year or that year. Universal Pictures is proud that after its first weekend, Fast and Furious 9 grossed up to $70 million! So far, the best opening of the year has been “Silent Place 2” ($47.5 million), and last year’s “Bad Boys for Life” ($62.5 million).

The best evidence of the grandiose event of this “Fast and Furious 9” grand opening is the fact that this year’s total weekend revenue was only one time higher than this seller’s single score ($79 million in the weekend of May 28-30) . ). This was done with 40% of cinemas closed in Canada and with a few US chains broken.

It should also be noted that similar to the previous year’s record holder “Quiet Place 2”, “Fast and Furious 9” was presented to cinemas according to the traditional distribution model, that is, without premiering on streaming platforms and VOD services. That, in turn, increases pressure on Disney to get the studio to change its decision about the upcoming “Black Widow” premiere. Currently, the comic is scheduled to appear simultaneously in cinemas and on the Disney+ platform, where it will be available for an additional fee of about $30.

There is also a spoonful of tar. “Fast and Furious 9” can lose viewers faster than the previous sequels. On CinemaScore, the film has a B+ rating. For comparison, Part VIII of the course is rated A-, and “Hobbs and Shaw” is rated A-.

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The Fast and Furious 9 premiere was the only premiere of the weekend. So the top ten looks like this:

# title Happened over the weekend got in total A week on screen China
1 Fast and Furious 9 $70.0 $70.0 1 4179
2 quiet place 2 6,2 dollars $136,39 5 3124
3 Professional bodyguard and wife $4.89 $25.87 2 3361
4 Piotruś Królik 2: On the Colossus $4,85 $28.86 3 3331
5 Cruella $3.73 $71.3 5 2820
6 Attendance 3: By order of Satan $2.92 $59.13 4 2668
7 in the heights $2.23 $24,16 3 2403
8 Mustang of the Wild Valley: The Road to Freedom $1.03 $15.84 4 1773
9 12 Mighty Orphans $0.59 $2.29 3 1020
10 no one $0.56 $26.73 14 110

This Friday, cinemas will watch: the animated “Family Rules” (“Baby Rules” will also be available on the Peacock platform), the thriller “The Night of the Purification: Goodbye America” ​​and the documentary film awarded this year at Sundance entitled ” Summer of Soul (…or When the Revolution Can’t Be Broadcast on TV)” (will also be available on Hulu).