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Entrepreneurs are waiting for a decision on restrictions. ‘Rumors are scary’

Stanislav Karsewski was a guest on Monday Radhia Zait. The politician was asked why the government did not decide to freeze the economy more forcefully. From Mondays, shopping malls, museums, and art galleries may open and have hours for seniors.

Stanisław Karczewski on unfreezing the economy: Let’s not kill 3,000 people every day

– He’s still dying 300 People a day. The Vice President of the Senate said: Let’s not lead to the fact that 3,000 people will die a day. The politician was also asked how entrepreneurs in closed industries, for example owners of restaurants or fitness clubs, should deal with this situation.

Morawiecki: This week, possible decisions on reopening the economy

– If we have human life on the one hand and bankruptcy on the other hand, and if it is bankrupt, then I prefer bankruptcy and saving a person’s life. And he said: And here we are talking about the lives of many people. – We’re all so tired, and so am I, I’d like to go skiing – added the Senator for Law and Justice, who also called for “more discipline and patience.” He gave Great Britain as an example.

– I just spoke to my daughter who lives in Great Britain. He added that there is a complete lockdown, and people are terribly tired, but they are very disciplined because they know it is an opportunity to quickly defeat the Coronavirus. Stanislav Karsewski stressed that government decisions are made on the basis of in-depth analysis. It was also thanks to them that it became clear that “the hours for the elderly did not pass the exam,” and in the opinion of the politician, the Ministry of Health “rightfully abandoned them.

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