Villa Karol Plehall, the plant’s owner, has undergone a transformation, according to the city of Lodz. The restored building houses creative studios, new exhibition spaces, learning rooms and outdoor activities space.

The renovation of the Polesie Art Center headquarters has been completed. A ceramics workshop has been set up at the center, equipped with, among other things, terracotta wheels and a ceramic firing oven. In addition, communication methods have been rebuilt so that the studio can be used by persons with disabilities. As part of the renovation, the balcony was renovated from the garden side, where a summer theater and an open-air cinema were created. Outdoor cinema equipment was also purchased, among other things a mobile screen, sound system and projector.

Villa Karol Pilhal is one of the most interesting examples of وód’s modernity. The object on an elongated rectangular plan, the semicircular ends of the side rises, as well as the two semicircular projections of the garden are an indication of the so-called ship style, familiar in Polish architecture of the 1930s.

The investment in 2A Krzemieniecka Street is being made as part of the ‘New Culture. Increase in the Attractiveness and Accessibility of Community Centers in Lodz’

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