Donald Trump’s second trial in the Senate is due to begin on Tuesday, February 9th. the previous President United States of America She is accused of inciting her supporters to attack CapitolOn January 6th. The sudden departure of some Donald Trump’s legal team is a big problem for the former president, who in January had great difficulties finding lawyers willing to defend him.

United States of America. Five lawyers have left Donald Trump’s team. CNN: The Reason for Defensive Strategy

As I mentioned CNNButch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, who were supposed to be the main defenders of the former president, left Donald Trump’s legal team. The decision to leave Trump’s legal team was a joint one. Josh Howard from North Carolina, Johnny Jacir and Greg Harris from South Carolina called on Trump too.

“Trump will not leave politics, he has a taste for power.” [WYWIAD]

The reason for the separation of a group of lawyers Donald Trumpum There was a dispute over the chosen defense strategy. previous president United States of America His team wanted to argue that there was massive fraud in the elections and a victory in elections The presidential ruling was stolen from him instead of focusing on the legitimacy of the ruling on the president of the republic after his departure.

The efforts of the Democrats to accuse the president who has already left office are totally unconstitutional and bad for our country. In fact, 45 senators voted this unconstitutional. We’ve done a lot of work, said Jason Miller, a counselor to Donald Trump, and we haven’t made a final decision about our legal team, but that will happen soon.

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United States of America. 17 Republican votes are needed to convict the former president

Whether Donald Trump is guilty of instigating his supporters to storm the Capitol will be decided by 100 members. Senate. There are 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans in the room, and there are convictions pending Isolation The former president needs a 2/3 majority. It takes at least 17 Republicans to convict Trump. at For now In recognition of Donald Trump’s crime, the Senate may, by majority vote, withdraw its right to re-run in the election and perform any public office.

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