Sleepy Joe Biden, hysterical Greta Thunberg and absent Xi Jinping. Global climate peaks are losing not only in importance but also in importance. Discussions in Glasgow will go down in history, because they are literally guided by … coal – writes Isabella Kluck, MEP for PiS. Below are excerpts from her text sent to the portal about economy and people

The world media is outraged by the hypocrisy of the climate summit participants. At least for image and educational reasons, COP26 should be an example that such a large event can be organized with the least amount of carbon footprint. Meanwhile, more than 80 fuel-starved limousines were counted in US President Joe Biden’s entourage, and about 400 planes were parked at the nearby airport. This is nothing, notes the European Parliament.

As if to anger environmentalists gathered in Glasgow, the winds stopped on November 3 in Great Britain.
This has happened quite often recently. The British had already exercised backup options and operated coal-fired power plants in such situations. So it was this time. COP26 participants were rescued from the dark by old, stapled coal tubes. Aside from the notable setback, the emergency switch from renewable energy to conventional energy is very costly. Two coal-fired units at Drax were receiving £4,000 per megawatt-hour. This is 100 times more than it was before the current energy crisis. John Constable, Energy Editor of Net Zero Watch, writes frankly: “British energy strategy is a national disgrace. Unfortunately, it will soon be a national disaster. Summit hosts, as befits English gentlemen, pretend nothing happened – says Isabella Kluck.

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In general, the meeting in Glasgow does not add anything new
With few exceptions, no one has the courage to talk about the dark side of the green revolution, namely the energy and economic crisis. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who led the Polish delegation, argued that the transformation cannot occur at the expense of the people, and we must not forget the economic consequences when we strive for climate neutrality. Unfortunately, adding serious leads to the debate is unlikely to change the publicity and entertainment environment for the summit. Greta Thunberg did not disappoint. The Swedish teen’s Piarist staff worked hard ahead of the top and, as always, came up with something catchy, MEP wrote.

As a result, serious-looking people, and sometimes heads of national delegations, make anxious faces in front of the cameras and repeat after their idol: so, so, so …

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