In Glinojeck near Ciechanów, as at the end of June, the Wianki Festival was to be held. The organizers expected that about 1,000 people would participate in the event. Therefore, the festival regulations include a clause, due to health restrictions and limitation of participants, people who have not been vaccinated will be marked with bracelets.

Wojciech Bruździński, Director of the Municipal and Community Cultural Center in Glinojeck, describes this idea as very unfortunate and explains that they turned to various government institutions with questions about how to organize people preparing for such a major event, but no one was able to tell them. In the end, they found the solution themselves.

After a storm caused by netizens who opposed the sanitary segregation, local government officials decided the event would not take place this year.

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Bruździński explains that the regulations in place are inconsistent and shift all responsibility for possible coronavirus infections to the regulators, without giving them any legal tools to verify who has been vaccinated.

Employers from Leviathan are also demanding effective legal tools from the government. According to Maciej Wittocki, the state should provide companies with the possibility of not accepting unvaccinated workers in workplaces and not accepting such people in stores before the next fourth wave of the pandemic – which he believes is already certain.


The Prime Minister knows but is silent?

More than a week ago, during a meeting with business representatives, Morawiecki said he was deeply concerned about what would happen in the fall with such a slow vaccination rate. The Prime Minister reported that about 20 percent is currently being used. Through vaccination points. Which means maybe 50% will be vaccinated by the fall. the society. This is not enough to stop another wave of infection.

– During his meeting with us, it was clear that Morawiecki was upset. It was clear from his words that we are losing the race against time, although he did not mention any health restrictions planned for the fall – says one of the participants in the meeting, asking not to be named.


He adds that even if the government had any plans to shut down the economy prepared for the fall, the prime minister would not have told it so as not to “disturb people and not frighten people ahead of time”.

There are already the first leaks about the restrictions

Some of Morawiki’s cabinet ministers have already publicly announced that the government expects a fourth wave. Deputy Finance Minister Pyotr Batkovsky, in response to the questioning of senators, wrote that the tourism voucher for seniors most likely will not come true this fall. reason? The fourth wave of the pandemic is expected.


In turn, the Minister of Health, Adam Nedzelsky, stated during one of the press conferences, that the current “breathing moment” is used by the Ministry of Health for training, for example, in the use of respirators and work in Covid wards. As well as developing laboratory capabilities.

How does the economy prepare for the next catastrophe? Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development, Jaroslav Guen, who is in charge of this sector, says succinctly in an interview with money .pl: – We have proven solutions in three waves and we do not expect any adjustments in the case of the fourth wave wave. The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the specific solutions will depend on the severity of the epidemic.

In response to a question about whether the worst-case scenario is also included in the government’s plans, that is, a complete shutdown and closure of the economy, Jaroslav Guin categorically denied this. “I consider such a scenario unlikely,” he said shortly.


The two deputy government ministers we contacted also confirmed that in the event of a fourth wave of the epidemic, the government would follow the British or Portuguese scenario. what does that mean?

British and Portuguese text

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has justified the extension of health restrictions in some areas of the economy for several weeks compared to the original assumptions, and stressed that the government’s “road map” is designed in such a way that it is impossible to return. to the early stages. Thus, a complete shutdown of the economy is out of the question and they must do everything they can to prevent this from happening.

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The outbreak of the epidemic in the United Kingdom has been eliminated. It is similar in Portugal. Health restrictions are only imposed in the most vulnerable areas or sectors of the economy. Certain sectors, not all.

According to our interlocutors, that may be the case for us. Our interlocutor from the government does not hide that representatives of those industries that have direct contact with customers should be especially prepared for possible health sanctions. All factory workers can be vaccinated. It doesn’t work like that in a hotel anymore… – our interlocutor gives an eloquent example.