– In response to a question if this is the reason appeared on the list flights For example to and from Great Britain The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration responded as a matter of priority:ULC In cooperation with its European counterparts, it has prepared such a list “and this is of great interest to travelers.

Bossernaker: I am convinced that the crisis will be resolved

Busernaker pointed out that everyone should avoid it conflict And make everything work. I am convinced that with a little goodwill on all sides, and on the part of the government, there is good will, and this crisis will be resolved– Commented the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

When asked if he doesn’t put the consoles facing the wall, Paul Busernaker He replied:- And not go to work and not bear the wall?

“This is not the first crisis for this government.”

In his opinion, it is the same situation. – Safety is paramount polishingPoles and air traffic. I guarantee that we are doing everything possible to maintain security – assures the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration.

Crisis in the air and airports? – This is not the first crisis of this crisis government she has – said the deputy minister of the Law and Justice Party. – I lived in the Ministry of Interior and Administration when the joint administration was preparing for the matriculation examination and we supplemented the members of the body, because of the teachers’ protest at that time. It also seems that the situation was unresolvable and has been resolved – ZET Radio added.

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