Britain is the poorest country in northwest Europe, according to a report from the House of Commons. The UK’s GDP per capita is just £31,038.

Based on the data of the International Monetary Fund, 13 countries located in the Northwest European region were compared in terms of one of the basic measures of labor outcomes in the society of a given country used in the national accounts, that is, gross domestic product (GDP). product, gross domestic product). as it turned out? Great Britain landed at the bottom of this list! According to data for 2021, Britain’s GDP per capita is £31,038 (only!). So the UK is far from the European leaders, namely Luxembourg (£80,000), Ireland (£65,411) and Switzerland (£50,015), but also to the countries that underperformed in this ranking, namely France ( £32,622). Or Finland (£34,187).

Britain is the “poor man” of Northwest Europe

but that is not all! The report by deputies of the Scottish National Party draws attention to the fact that, according to data from the International Monetary Fund, the wealth gap between Great Britain and its closest European neighbors has increased significantly over the past 20 years. In 2000, the UK’s GDP per capita was about £5,000 below the Northwest European average (7.6 percent below the average). After 20 years, that gap has widened dramatically to £10,000 (16.3 per cent below the 2021 average).

As the portal “The Independent” in which we can read about this report indicates, the exact numbers and indisputable facts contradict recent statements by British politicians. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised that Brexit will lead to a real “recovery” of the UK economy. So far, there is no sign of that…

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According to the data, the GDP of Great Britain has “shrinked” over the past 20 years compared to that of developed European countries

According to the analysis of the “Independent”, the exit of Great Britain from the structures of the European Union means GDP losses of 400-800 million pounds per week.

The broader context of this research should also be provided. Well, it has been used by SNPs to prove that Scotland simply does not pay off to be part of the United Kingdom. According to Kirsten Oswald, “Evidence shows that independent countries the size of Scotland and smaller do better than the United Kingdom.” The United Kingdom even called it “the poor man of Northwest Europe”.

Britain’s exit from the European Union worsened the situation…

“It is becoming increasingly clear that independence is the only way to unlock Scotland’s full economic potential – so that we can be as rich and successful as our European neighbours,” Oswald confirmed, citing The Independent.

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