Railroad No. 283 from Jelenia Góra to Lwowiek Śląski will be taken over by the local government in Lower Silesia. The statement said that this is an important project to revitalize abandoned railways and restore passenger connections.

District Marshall of Lower Silesia, Cesare informed Przybylski in a statement that the local government had already provided the necessary documents to take over the closed railway line 283.

– Closed Line No. 283 is currently operated by PKP PLK, and the properties in it are owned by PKP SA. As a provincial self-government, we have provided the necessary documents to take over the line with each of the state railways enterprises. In order to hand over the line to the local government in Lower Silesia, the PKP PLK and PKP SA must solve the official and legal problems between them, and then the approval for the line’s handover to the local government must be issued by the Minister of Infrastructure – stated in the statement.

We expect this to happen in the near future, which we strive to achieve. At the same time, we are already ready to take over the management of line 283 from PKP PLK under certain conditions in order to start preparing it for activation – said Przybylski, quoted in the press release.

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He stressed that the development of railways in Lower Silesia is a priority for the autonomous government of the province, that the line from Gelenia Jura via Wuli to Luoysk Selsky is very impressive, and that in the future, the railways of Lower Silesia will travel.

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The Closed Line became popular in the media when the filmmakers wanted a partial or total detonation of the railroad bridge over Lake Belchoyki as part of the shooting. The picturesque bridge is part of this railroad and was built in 1905-1906. After the intervention of the governor of antiquities, the bridge was entered into the list of protected objects.

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