Viking helmet from the 11th century, Photo: Facebook / Poliția Român

The Romanian police specializing in heritage crimes recovered a medieval Viking helmet on February 7, a unique discovery of Roman lands “very rare for the rest of Europe. The monument was lost 10 years ago.

The helmet was first discovered in 2010 while working on the Seret River in northeastern Romania, but was never delivered to government conservation services. The investigation that led to the recovery of this valuable object began in December 2020, when the police obtained information about where it was stored.

Leadership It can be dated from the eleventh to the thirteenth century and it represents the type of helmet often found in the Baltic states and Kievan Rus. Inform the police, without giving any additional information about how the helmet disappeared or where it was stored.

“Investigations are underway to clarify all circumstances. Cultural property has been donated to the National Museum in Iasi so that procedures for listing it as a national cultural heritage can begin.” Summarize it in a police report

The Vikings were Norse sailors from southern Scandinavia who traveled frequently and established settlements and states in Britain, Ireland, Iceland, the Baltic states, and northern France. However, some have gone much further. Kiev Rus’, the first Russian state whose capital is Kiev today, was founded by the Vikings in the mid-ninth century. It existed until the middle of the thirteenth century, when it was conquered by the Mongols. At its peak, from the beginning of the eleventh century, it extended from the White Sea in the north to the Dniester River in present-day Moldova, on the borders of the northeastern part of Romania, where the helmet was first discovered in 2010.

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