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The Atlantic Council also knows in a press release, Mosbacher as co-chair of the Council of Three Seas. General James L. Jones, Jr. was appointed as Chief of Authority.

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One message was enough for the US ambassador to stop being a great friend of Law and Justice

Georgette Mosbacher will be responsible for the Three Seas Initiative

Atlantic Council Vice President Damon Wilson stated that he was indeed an ambassador in a statement about the nomination United States of America In Poland, Georgette Mossbacher was the “main driver of progress” in the Three Seas Initiative. Its advantages in this matter were also mentioned by General James L. Jones, Jr. And Mosbacher itself. The goal of the council is to work to increase investment efforts in Central Europe and the Baltic states and to increase the United States’ participation in the region’s development.

The Three Seas Initiative is a unique and transformative initiative launched and spearheaded by America’s closest allies. Guided by supplements of Europe

Mosbacher was saying.

Demonstration of people from LBGT environmentsThe United States does not rule out imposing financial sanctions for violating LGBTQ rights

The Three Seas Initiative is an international economic and political initiative involving 12 countries European Union, including. Poland. In addition, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary joined the initiative.

Mosbacher says goodbye to Poland on the Three Seas Initiative

nomination Georgette Mossbacher The Council of the Three Seas should not come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the US ambassador’s movements. The politician recently mentioned the initiative in an emotional farewell video posted on Twitter. In it she said, among other things, that she supported the Three Seas initiative in order to stimulate economic growth in the region and strengthen transatlantic relations.

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