“There are really piles of corpses, better than another economic freeze,” the prime minister said in the fall.

David Cameron described him as a “professional psychopath”. But Johnson appointed Dominic Cummings as a lead advisor in July 2019 in appreciation of the extraordinary intelligence he showed in developing a lie-based but effective campaign plan for the Brexit referendum three years ago. Failure: The man, given his enormous influence over the prime minister, was called “the British Rasputin” who had an equally effective strategy that gave the Conservatives a landslide victory in the December 2019 parliamentary elections. Thus, Johnson was. It’s believed to have had a definite career for years.

A year later, in December 2020, Cummings fell victim to a power struggle surrounding the prime minister. And there are more and more indications that he has not forgiven his former boss. Last week it revealed that Boris Johnson used 58K. Pound of Conservative Party sponsors for an entirely special purpose: redevelopment of a penthouse apartment at 11 Downing Street. He wanted to spend a happy time here with his 33-year-old fiancée, Carrie Symonds. And after a recent expensive divorce, he had little to no use.

130 you. Victims

Johnson was questioned in the House of Commons on Wednesday by Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer. The point is serious: according to the law, every MP must state that they have received support within 28 days. Otherwise, he loses his position.

But even more dangerous is the revelation of the prime minister’s behavior last fall, when the next wave of the pandemic caused the largest number of deaths in Europe in Great Britain. The Daily Mail not only revealed that Johnson was most opposed to the decision that would lead to further plunging into the economy, but it was also said to be disdain about the victims. The BBC confirmed these reports. The Prime Minister admitted that he denied resorting to such strict measures … words, but he admitted in the House of Commons that the decision to close was “bitter and difficult.”

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This opens the painful process of adjusting the balance sheet to fight the pandemic. Cummings has denied accusations that he disclosed information about “piles of meat” but called for a parliamentary committee to be set up to investigate the prime minister’s behavior.

The former prime minister’s advisor decided that “Boris Johnson has neither the competence nor the moral willingness to do his job.”

On Wednesday, the Electoral Commission officially launched an investigation into the renovation of Johnson’s apartment. But the shutdown investigation could have more serious consequences for the prime minister’s career. While the UK has been conducting a highly successful Covid-19 vaccination campaign since December, the epidemic is now under control, but the authorities’ past measures have been fatal: suffice it to say that nearly 130,000 people have officially fallen victim to the virus. The British, a lot more, in fact. The economy experienced its worst recession in three centuries.

Fear of WhatsAppie

Johnson, who was infected with the virus and barely survived, delayed the freeze of the economy and society in the spring of 2020, believing that herd immunity would stop the virus. The prime minister’s resistance to shutdown was repeated in the fall. Leading members of the government are now nervously browsing their messages on WhatsApp and Signal, as the prime minister, out of public curiosity, has set up news groups to stop the spread of the virus, according to the magazine Mayhem in Downing Street.

One week before the Scottish regional elections, the scandal could have an impact on the UK’s future, bolstering the nationalist Scottish National Party. But events in London are being watched anxiously by the continent. Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Matthews Murawiecki have a lot of conscience in fighting the pandemic. Irresponsible comments about the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the feeling of wearing masks or maintaining freedom of social life, has translated in many European Union countries into a pandemic as severe as the United Kingdom. The appointment of a parliamentary committee in London to determine responsibility for the disaster could set an uncomfortable precedent for Paris, Berlin and Warsaw.

Source: Rzeczpospolita