American CDC Post new guidelines On provisions covering the mouth and nose. The most important change is that vaccinated Americans do not need to wear face masks outdoors. However, they still need to be pocketed.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is the federal agency within the Department of Health and Human Services that deals with infectious diseases. His guidelines are perhaps the most reasonable rules when it comes to epidemiological restrictions. People who have been vaccinated in the United States no longer need to cover their mouths and nose when they are out in the open.

However, the CDC notes that the obligation to carry a mask remains in effect and a vaccinated person will have to wear it if they find themselves in the crowd (parades, concerts, and sporting events).

In addition, of course, covering the mouth and nose is still mandatory in enclosed spaces, that is, in all public buildings, stores, cultural institutions, etc. Keep their mouth and nose covered. Well unless they eat, they don’t have to.

American rules for Wearing masks This is a good pattern I copied

The new rules set by the CDC are far more conservative than the full removal of the mouth and nose veils in Israel. Americans are still counting a possible increase in the number of daily infections, so even if people who have been vaccinated no longer need to cover their mouths and nose outdoors, they still need to wear a mask with them if they want to enter a shopping center, for example.

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At today’s conference, Health Minister Adam Niedzelski announced nearly identical changes. However, with us, the obligation to cover the mouth and nose in the open air will discontinue application if the number of daily infections It will drop to 15 cases per 100,000. If this is the case then from May 15th, we will carry the mask in our pocket when we are outside.

I would also like to recommend Polish politicians to pay attention to research Conducted at MIT University of AmericaWhich indicates that good ventilation and regular ventilation of confined spaces are much more important factors than masks and the permissible number of people per square meter. This topic will accelerate our return to the relative normality after the pandemic that is already looming on the horizon.