San Marino authorities are offering tourists a paid COVID-19 vaccination for 50 euros for two doses, Italian media reported. The condition is to stay at a local hotel.

The San Marino authorities made the decision to introduce paid vaccinations. The approved regulation states that tourists not residing in Italy have the right to be vaccinated.

In order for foreign tourists to take advantage of this offer, they must stay in San Marino hotels at least twice for three nights each time they are vaccinated with two doses.

This country is preparing vaccinations. It is basically the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, as well as the Pfizer vaccine, and its doses are much smaller.

San Marino Tourism Minister Federico Bidini Amate, when asked by the Corriere della Sera daily newspaper about the reasons for excluding Italians from this offer, explained that talks had now started regarding Italian citizens. – It all depends on how you solve it – he indicated.

The main problem is a Russian vaccine that is not approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The Italian daily also confirms that Pfizer will not be prepared for sale, because its dosages will be given to the elderly and the sick.

At the same time, attention is drawn to the contradiction that citizens of the small republic who were vaccinated with V Sputnik did not gain the freedom to travel in Italy, for example to spend holidays in Sardinia, and despite the fact that San Marino will soon become the first in Europe “free from COVID-19 “due to an advanced vaccination campaign and a small population. The requirement to travel in Italy is a vaccination certificate, but the preparation is EMA approved.

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“We are counting on the EMA to quickly identify the Sputnik V vaccine,” said the region’s health minister, Roberto Siavata.

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