Glasgow Summit

Before speaking at the Leaders Summit at COP26, Boris Johnson revealed in an interview with the BBC Your letter details. The British Prime Minister also indicated that the world must start dealing with climate change in a realistic way.

“Humanity has long been timed on the issue of climate change. There is one minute to midnight and We must act now– The letter says: “We have to move from conversations, discussions and debates to real coordinated action on coal, cars, money and trees,” we read.

By the way, Johnson said that the Glasgow Conference is ‘Important moment’ For him, though, its effect remains uncertain.

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Climate opportunity

It started in Scotland 26th UN Climate Summit. More than 120 representatives of countries and governments will participate in COP26. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping will miss Glasgow. The summit will last until November 12. Poland will be represented by Mateusz Morawiecki.


After a year off due to the pandemic, annual global meetings return as work is negotiated for climate policy. COP26 will run through November 12th. One of the main topics to be discussed at the Scottish Summit is Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.