The fourth wave of the epidemic is likely to occur in the second half of August, and not in the fall. Currently, there is an increase in infections in Great Britain, and what is happening in connection with the epidemic in this country, after about a month, also begins in Poland – says Health Minister Adam Nidzelsky.

The minister said that as life returns to normal, social mobility is restored and personal relationships increase, there are more opportunities for transmission of the virus. In his opinion, this means that we have to get used to wearing masks in confined spaces.

“Now we have the peak of infection in Great Britain (…) we have the possibility that this fourth wave will probably appear in the second half of August. In this regard, if this temporary increase in infection occurs in September (…), then the masks will necessarily remain this limitation” – Adam Nidzelsky said Tuesday on Radio Plus.

What’s next for Covid-19 immunization?

The issue of vaccination was also raised in the interview. The head of the Ministry of Health said that until the end of September, there is a guarantee that vaccination against COVID-19 will be free. As for how the system will continue to function as of October, discussions and analyzes are still ongoing.

While the vaccine itself remains free, there may be a fee for the medical service for the immunization. It costs 60 PLN – this is what the National Health Fund pays to clinics.

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The problem now is that the number of vaccinated people who are registered for immunization is not increasing. It is about 70 percent in total. authorized. “Unfortunately, I have the impression that we are reaching a certain glass ceiling. It is simply difficult to convince the unconvinced, because all the different arguments and actions have already been taken” – The minister indicated in the interview.

Therefore, a scenario for compulsory vaccination is being considered primarily for those most at risk, ie, the elderly and medical personnel. But the ministry has not taken any decision in this regard so far.

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