On November 1, on the first day out of the window, Kolejarz reported Rawicz about a big transfer deal. Sam Masters officially joined the club from Wielkopolska. We wrote about the agreement between Australians and the residents of Rawicz on Sunday.

Michel Gazewski

Sam Masters in Rzeszów . Colors

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Malec / Pictured: Sam Masters in Rzeszów colors

According to our information, Sam Masters, the third most effective MotoGP player of the 2021 season, has moved from 7R Stolaro Stali Rzeszów to Metalika Recycling Kolejarza Rawicz. The 30-year-old also wanted another Kolejarz – one from Opole, but the latter decided to sign a contract with a team from southern Wielkopolska.

The Australian presented Rawicz as another transfer – previously Piotr Świderski took charge of the club, then Daniel Kaczmarek joined him as a player. – I can’t wait to meet all the Kolejarz fans and Rawicz sponsors. I hope we have a nice season ahead – Sam Masters said during the video presented on social media.

The Masters has been running continuously in the Polish league since 2015. The Australian has already played for clubs from Lublin, Krakow, Ostro Wielkopolski, Opole and Rzeszow. In the past two years, he’s been a top-tier figure in the MotoGP League, averaging over 2+ in four seasons at a time.

Until recently, the performance of the Rawicz players in the Speedway II League was in doubt. It can now be seen that Kolejarz is building a repository that can mix it up at this level.

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