Source: DCO, CO in Bydgoszcz

Editor: Monica Stelmach
|Data: 27.04.2021

Oncology centers in Wrocaw and Bydgoszcz were awarded international prizes at the end of April. The facilities were appreciated for the high quality of medical services and the bold implementation of changes.

The Lower Silesian Tumor Center in Wroclaw received a prize in the prestigious international competition “Value in Medicine”. Dragon Grant and Endorsement – first organized in Poland.

The competition targets institutions working in the healthcare field that implement practical solutions in the field of quality-based system regulation – the so-called value-based healthcare. DCO distinguished itself as introducing the pilot to the National Oncology Network (the pilot covered Lower Silesia at first, then other provinces joined).

The center has been invited to participate in the international phase of the VBHC Dragon Scholarship and Endorsement and will have the opportunity to compete with the best solutions from around the world. An award ceremony is planned for May 2021 in the Netherlands.

European Quality at the Oncology Center in Bydgoszcz
On the other hand, the European Business Assembly Corporation for Social Partnership has awarded the Cancer Center in Bydgoszcz the International European Quality Award.

The European Business Association is an international non-governmental organization that brings together political, scientific and business leaders from all over the world. The mission of the EBA is to globalize business and promote innovative achievements and methods in the fields of economics, science, education and medicine. Based in Great Britain.

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Criteria for awarding the award include a high standing in regional rankings, brand recognition, positive customer and business partner reviews, and company popularity.

The award of the certificate confirms the high quality of the medical services provided at the Bygosex Oncology Center.