For Americans, the rotor is still a European invention for people who drive very small cars somewhere at the end of the world. In fact, the rotor was invented in Europe, specifically in England, but as you can see in the video below, there could be a problem with adopting this solution in the US, because drivers don’t know how and where to go.

They added a roundabout near my hometown in the eastern Kentucky countryside. Here is an example of how not to use a rotor … from P / IdiotsInCars

In fact, rotors have only advantages. Statistics confirm that they were affected by up to 90 percent. Fewer fatal accidents, and the total number of collisions is reduced by 40% in places where traffic intersections occupy roundabouts, it is safer and cheaper, because the construction of the infrastructure is cheaper, and so is the maintenance of the facility that does not require expensive maintenance of the lighting system.

Plus, the traffic is smoother, the traffic jams are smaller, and all of this translates into a profit for the environment. But according to data from the American Traffic Research Institute – Transportation Research Council, American citizens still do not use this connection solution as widely, as is the case in the ancient continent. Currently, Americans have just over 7,000 people on their gigantic road network. Dizziness It is very little.

Perhaps we should watch the video above with an understanding of the difficulties caused by vertigo for residents of Rowan County, Kentucky. The matter should be clarified by the fact that previously there was a large intersection at this place, through which approximately 5,000 vehicles passed every day. Now they drive by heart and it will take some time for them to learn “new rules”.

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By the way, it looks very dangerous, especially driving against the tide of some drivers. However, road works appear to be continuing. Maybe after it’s done it will be better.