A missing man’s partner said that listening to him and knowing he was safe would be the “perfect Christmas gift”.

Mary Cumber was with Trevor Farthing for 30 Years When he disappeared in 2017 and was never heard from again.

Trevor, now fifty-five years old, called his long-term partner, who has three children with him, on the last day he was seen to tell her he was “leaving.”

On June 21, 2017, Trevor left his home in Newton Law and Willows He wears a khaki green T-shirt and blue jeans.

It was last seen on Marshall Cross Road, St. HelensAround 9:30 am, he has repeatedly appealed to Merseyside police for information about his whereabouts.

His stricken family says the ordeal of losing him is a “nightmare” as difficult now as it was three years ago birthday Without it she would not be the same.

Mary said, “It’s a nightmare. Living without it is never something I think I would do.

“We were together for 30 years and did everything as a couple. We decorated together and made crafts, we went out on our bikes and I don’t know how to do any of these things without it.

“I’m just a little lost without it.”

Mary said that she is often urged to “go ahead” by those around her because Trevor is still missing after more than three years.

The store worker said sound echoPeople say, ‘Mary, it’s been three years, it’s time to move on with your life.’ But how can I do that?

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Mary Comper says she can’t move on until she hears from Trevor

“How do I go ahead or even start trying so I know it’s safe and healthy. I just need to know that.”

Mary spoke to Trevor the day he disappeared and said she would never forget what he said to her.

She said, “He called me and said he was ‘leaving’ and I wasn’t really sure what he meant.

“Trevor didn’t like how the world was going, he didn’t know how to use a cash machine and just wanted to use a phone with buttons.

“It was old fashioned and struggled with the way things were changing.”

Missing Trevor Farthing from Newton Lowells

A few days after Trevor’s disappearance, police issued an appeal to a woman who had previously brought him home and looked after him.

Merseyside police are believed to be eager to track down a woman who met Trevor on Sunday, June 18, 2017 in the Bradley Road area in Newton-le-Willows, near the Sankey Canal.

Since his disappearance, his partner and three daughters, Gemma, 35, Megan 27, and Phi 18, have been constantly begging him to come home or call.

He also now has three grandchildren.

Mary said: “The girls miss him so much and we still hope to hear from him.

Mary is “lost” without her partner for 30 years

“We can’t move on until we know he’s okay.

“The girls and my grandchildren keep me going but he doesn’t know anything for us.”

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Trevor is described as 5 feet 5 with a tattoo on his left arm.

He has a large black scorpion tattoo on top of his left arm.

When last seen, Trevor was wearing a green shirt, blue jeans, walking shoes, and a Nike hat.

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Mary also wanted people to know that he had a 10p birthmark under the left side of his chin which might help identify him.

The family issued repeated calls for information and a number of people were in contact with Mary for possible sightings.

A man sent a message on Facebook a couple of years ago to say he thinks Trevor is Living in Warrington aShe may now have wavy gray hair and a beard.

But Mary said there wasn’t much anyone could do to locate him unless Trevor called himself.

Mary and her family are facing 4th Christmas without Trevor and they wouldn’t love more than listening to him.

If you know where Trevor is, please contact Merseyside Police or the Missing Persons Charity

She added, “It would be the perfect gift, knowing that he is well, happy and safe.

“We love and miss him so much and will always be. His return means the world but until he hears that he’s fine it will be everything to us.”

If you have any information about Trevor Farthing’s whereabouts, please contact Merseyside Police by calling 101 or TwitterMerPolCC.

You can also contact the Missing Persons Charity by calling 116000 or by emailing [email protected].

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