Lauren Kelly I got tears after hearing a special sound birthday A message from her mother, Anne.

The presenter, 61, was unable to see her mother due to Covid restrictions and collapsed after hearing her voice.

In a surprising hypothetical appearance during the Christmas episode of Lauren, Anne has a sweet message for her daughter on Christmas Day.

“I hope to see them, it’s terrible isn’t it? I haven’t seen her in a long time,” said Kelly romantically to Dr. Hillary Jones and fashion expert Mark Hayes.

Lauren becomes emotional after hearing a sweet, festive message from her mother

woman The reports said, “Everyone’s the same though. Plenty of zoom calls today. We’ll see each other. It’s just like what we keep saying.”

“We have to cut it back for this year, but cool. Are we going to make it up next year? Mom, that was so beautiful.”

The show also saw Santa Baby singer Kylie Minogue appear via a video call.

Kylie admitted that Christmas for her is different every year, telling Lauren that it is usually “crazy decorations … you have to let yourself go crazy at Christmas time.”

The singer, 52, spends Christmas Day with her boyfriend Paul Solomons, creative director of UK magazine GQ.

She said, “Paul and me, Christmas tree, food, TV and movies.”

“It would be very touching to be able to call home and be able to party with my family from a distance, but still celebrate.”

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Kylie – who admitted that Scrabble is an annual festive tradition in her home – says this year has been nothing but stressful, so if people want to let their hair down, they should.

Kylie added, “This Christmas of all birthdays, I think if you want to get dressed, and let yourself out, you deserve it.”

The celebratory special also featured Pick of Matt Lucas star and singers Michael Ball and Alfie Boo.