On Wednesday in Kiev, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that Ukrainians should stick to each other, especially in this period. He also warned that Ukrainian society should prepare for the “difficult days” to come.

Blinkin, who arrived in Ukraine on Wednesday morning, met that day in Kiev with the staff of the US Embassy, ​​President Volodymyr Zelensky and Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. After the talks, the heads of diplomacy of the United States and Ukraine spoke at a joint press conference.

“For Russia, the greatest success today is to sow panic and mistrust in Ukrainian society and destabilize us from within,” Kuleba declared. First of all – he added – it concerns the turmoil of the financial system and the economy.

This is why we are taking all steps “to prevent Russia from achieving this goal without taking its weapons out of its pockets,” he added. Kuleba said that all our efforts today are aimed at ensuring the stability of the internal situation and that the economy does not suffer from security problems. He mentioned, among other things, he was interested in his conversation with Minister Blinken.

He also noted that Kiev knows that the United States stands side by side with Ukraine not only when it comes to security, but also supports it to maintain Ukraine’s “internal strength”.

In turn, Blinken emphasized that the United States would cooperate with Ukraine in the context of the economic consequences related to the challenges posed by Russia. He said his country would increase its support to Ukraine to $300 million this year.

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He reported on ongoing US defense assistance to Ukraine. He declared that “deliveries are underway” and that the United States would direct additional aid to Ukraine to bolster its defense capabilities in the event of Russian aggression.

The minister declared that Ukraine faced an unprecedented challenge from Russia. He stressed that he came to Ukraine to affirm the United States’ unwavering support for this country “at a time when its security, prosperity, democracy and fundamental right to exist as an independent, sovereign state are facing an unprecedented challenge from Russia.”

Blinkin pleaded that Ukrainians should hold on to each other, especially in this period, declaring that Moscow’s long-standing goal was to sow divisions in Ukraine. “Ukraine should avoid all actions that help Russia with these cynical intentions,” he noted. “Don’t let Moscow divide you,” Blinken urged. He also considered that political leaders should put aside their differences for the sake of national interests.

He also warned that Ukrainians should prepare for the “difficult days” to come.

Also, among other things, possible sanctions against Russia. Kuleba stressed that his country expects the United States and the European Union to agree to a package of sanctions against Russia, and the US Secretary of State stressed that the United States and its allies are working on that. “It is a financial, economic and export component,” he added. “I hope it will not happen,” he declared. “But if it does, we will act vigorously and in a coordinated manner to make Russia feel the effects.”

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According to Ukraine’s foreign minister, Russia should receive a “clear signal” on sanctions every day; That these are not just threats, but real.

On Thursday, Blinken will travel to Berlin, where he will meet his counterparts from Germany, Britain and France to discuss a possible response to any Russian military action against Ukraine. On Friday, Blinkin will speak in Geneva with the head of Russian diplomacy, Lavrov. Blinken promised to continue diplomatic efforts on Wednesday.

Natalia Dziurdzińska from Kiev