The first month of 2022 brought conflicting reports about Hogwarts’ legacy. According to one informant, the game will be released this year earlier than we think, and according to another ?? Only the next day. Warner Bros. itself dispelled doubts. employment Harry Potter official website. In the post about the future of the series of wizards in the following months it was confirmed Hogwarts Legacy It will debut in 2022.

Unfortunately, no new information was shared, and we were not given when we could expect it. Remember that according to a netizen known as AccountNGT (notably a leak about Star Wars: Eclipse), Warner Bros. It reminds players Hogwarts Legacy ?? At the beginning of the year?? Maybe a new trailer.

This lack of specification means that there are still release concerns Hogwarts Legacy This year, despite the assurances of the publisher himself. Hopefully, the company will eventually dispel it soon, for example by giving the exact release date and gameplay.

Hogwarts Legacy It is just one of the attractions prepared by Warner Bros. For fans of the enchanted universe. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the first volume Harry Potter in the UK. On this occasion, a special edition of the book from Bloomsbury. In addition, the mark is preparing to debut the third part adorable animals and the document Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History. In addition, from January 1 you can watch Back to Hogwarts ?? Program on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the first film Harry Potter.

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