The US State Department has allowed Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian authorities to deliver US-made weapons to Ukraine, Reuters writes, citing sources.

As the agency explains, countries that have received weapons from the United States must obtain approval from the county administration before passing it on to third parties.

According to a source, Estonia will be able to ship to Ukrainian Javelin anti-tank missile, Lithuania – Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

A State Department spokesperson confirmed that the US government had granted permission to donate weapons to a third party, which allowed Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Great Britain To supply Ukraine with US-made equipment from its stockpile. However, he did not specify what type of armament she was spinning around.

United States of America Hand in hand with allies and partners to work together to accelerate security support for Ukraine. We are in close contact with our Ukrainian partners and allies from NATO And we are creatively using all possible security cooperation tools to help Ukraine strengthen its defense in the face of its growth Russian aggression
The spokesperson confirmed.

Joe Biden told a news conference that if Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States would increase the number of its troops in Poland and Romania. He added that he would do so because the United States had a “sacred responsibility” to defend these countries.

He also acknowledged that there is no consensus within NATO on what action to take in the event of an actual Russian attack on Ukraine.

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In his speech, Biden also admitted that he was afraid of it The conflict in Ukraine may spiral out of control It includes neighboring countries as well.