US President Donald Trump greets his supporters at a rally.

Donald Trump resumed his campaign with a rally outside the White House after his doctor claimed he was no longer in danger of transmitting the Coronavirus.

Hundreds of people gathered in the South Lawn on Saturday afternoon to hear the president deliver a speech about his support for law enforcement from a balcony.

It was his first public appearance since returning to the White House after being treated for Covid-19 in hospital.

Trump took off the mask moments after appearing on the balcony to address the crowd in the garden below, while attendees failed to socialize.


according to Washington Post And polled by ABC News, the latest numbers show 54 percent of potential voters favor Biden and Trump, 42 percent.

The president has struggled to close the gap with Biden, who is now 12 points ahead.

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Both Republicans and Democrats are increasingly focusing on the pivotal – and potentially anarchic – role Pennsylvania can play in determining the outcome of the presidential race.

Each side now sees the state, which garnered 20 electoral college votes, a must-win on the road to the 270 required to win the White House, according to Democratic and Republican strategies.

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Democrat from South Carolina raises $ 57 million

Harrison’s campaign said the total was the largest in a three-month period by any Senate candidate. This exceeds the $ 38 million Democrat Peto O’Rourke raised in 2018.

Last month, Graham made a public plea for donations to help him keep up with Harrison, saying on Fox News that he was “financially killed” by Harrison.

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Joe Biden said the “only way” he could lose to Donald Trump was through “deception,” before making it clear that he would accept the election result.

The Democratic presidential candidate encouraged would-be voters to stop his campaign in a must-win battleground in Pennsylvania, telling them, “Make sure you vote because the only way we lose that is through deception that happens to the polls.”

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Donald Trump’s White House doctor said the president is no longer at risk of transmitting the coronavirus 10 days after he first showed symptoms.

A memo issued Saturday night by White House physician Sean Conley stated that tests of samples taken from the president showed “according to currently recognized standards, he no longer considered a risk of transmission” but did not explicitly state whether his test result was negative for the virus.

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It’s a little weird, but Trump apparently had great ideas about wearing the Superman shirt that will be revealed when he opens his shirt while leaving the hospital last week.

to me New York times, Suggested that he could pretend to be weak when leaving the military medical center before the big exam.

Read more about this strange story here:

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Trump’s doctor has claimed that the president is no longer in danger of transmitting the coronavirus.

It is said to meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) criteria for safely discontinuing isolation and that by “currently recognized standards” the risk of transmission is no longer considered.

The memo came on the heels of Trump’s first public appearance since his return to the White House after being treated for the Coronavirus, but it did not make clear that he had tested positive for the virus.

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Trump addressed a rally outside the White House in his first public appearance since he was treated for the Coronavirus in hospital.

Hundreds took part in the event but many of them failed to socialize – the president unmasked him to start the conversation shortly after appearing on the balcony.

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